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High quality, professional services focused on business valuation issues.

Formed in 1992, Oxford Advisors has served as independent valuation advisor in over $6 billion of tax-related transfers, including gift and estate matters. Since inception, no valuation opinion has ever resulted in litigation or an adverse judgment against a client.

Ben F. Ederer, lead appraiser for Oxford Advisors, has been engaged in corporate finance and valuation advisory services for over 30 years. Having worked on change of ownership and financing transactions aggregating over $7.5 billion in value, his transactional experience provides substantial insight into the valuation process and differentiates his practice relative to many competitors trained in the classroom or via textbook. Serving as an expert witness in valuation related matters, he has never been on the losing side of a litigation proceeding.

Oxford Advisors is committed to providing high quality, professional valuation advisory services based on a fair and equitable fee structure.

Business and Intellectual Property Valuation Services